Terence's and Mei Ying's past architectural works include projects and design competitions they completed while working at their previous firms.

During his time working in DP Architects, Terence had the opportunity to work on the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. He was involved in the project from its design phase through to its eventual completion in early 2017. He gained valuable experience in the various stages of the building project, including documentation, tender, construction and completion. Through his involvement in this project, he was able to refine his skills in both design - including detailing and drawing in BIM - and project management.


Mei Ying was also formerly from DP Architects. Her team took part in a multitude of local and overseas competitions, and also carried out various feasibility studies and masterplans for esteemed developers. In her time at DP Architects, Mei Ying had the opportunity to work on a wide range of project types and scales, including mixed-use, retail, residential and healthcare projects. She thrived on challenging existing typologies by designing new concepts for living and shopping.

Terence's and Mei Ying's varied experiences have helped them to develop different but complementary skill sets. Together, they form a formidable design partnership that is able to bring their design ideas to life.